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What is an Airsoft AEGiS?

AEGIS Boost allows users to upgrade their devices to more powerful and efficient electronic devices with a multitude of new features and improved capabilities. It comes in a sleek design that makes it easy to use and provides users with high quality sound production. It is extremely compact and has a unique look. The user-friendly front panel allows for simple switches and connections. Users can fully customize the front panel which includes a variable voltage and pulse width modulation options, three standard VFOs, and additional audio effects.

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The newest addition to the AEGIS family is the GeekVape Aegis Boost. The AEGIS Boost has taken everything that made the original AEGis and removed its weaknesses. It can produce a louder sound through increased power, longer harmonic distortion, and much-improved frequency response. This product incorporates a new microprocessor that produces a completely new signal structure, resulting in a very precise and clean sound. Users can experience the power and quality of a professional sound system with the same great reliability and functionality as the original AEGIS product line.

The AEGIS Boost utilizes a new technology that allows it to maintain constant wattage even when the air-cooling system is running on full capacity. This keeps the device at a consistent w wattage without any sudden changes in operation or noticeable dips or spikes. The constant w wattage assures a user that their device will not experience a drastic change in performance because of overheating or random fluctuation in the output voltage. The constant wattage also assures a user that their device will not experience a drastic change in performance because of overheating or random fluctuation in the output voltage.

The AEGIS Boost Pod System is designed to work in conjunction with the unit. The pods inside of the unit allow for the connection of the amplifier to the control knob and remote controls. The AEGIS Boost Pod System allows a user to connect their AEGiS directly to a personal computer via a USB port. This connection allows a user to monitor their total wattage and voltage levels with ease.

A feature unique to the AEGIS Boost is an LCD screen that shows a player’s wattage and load level. There is a large section of the pod system allowing for easy viewing and easy calibration of the AEGIS Boost. The AEGis has a large display screen that shows the players hop up time. This display screen shows the players shot time at the push of a button. The pod holds a large amount of information including the players hop up time, RPM, clockwise, and counter-clockwise rotation of the AEGIS. There is a large editable graphic that allows a player to make changes to their hop up.

The AEGIS can be purchased alone or as part of a complete system including a rechargeable battery, universal serial bus transmitter, universal serial bus receiver, a universal power adapter, and a remote control. The AEGIS is sold separately as part of two separate devices, a rechargeable battery pack and a remote control. Both devices require a licensed electrician to install. Battery packs and the remote control are not included in the package. Installation instructions are provided but are fairly simple.

The AEGIS Boost Pod System is sold separately and is compatible with AEGIS Kits. A benefit of the AEGIS Boost is the ability to mix and match individual components. If a player desires a specific style of AEGiS then they can do so by purchasing a pod for each style that is available. For example, a player that only enjoys a low resistance firing rate can use a pod for every style of AEGiS that is available on the market currently. The ability to customize the system allows a player to produce a custom sound for their weapon based upon what they want. Pods can also be used with almost any AEGiS that is currently sold on the market.

To utilize the AEGIS Boost you simply add a universal serial bus adapter to a fully charged AEGiS and turn it on. Once turned on the device will begin charging and the A/C will begin to heat up. When the device is complete the A/C will produce a stream of vapor which can be sucked into the atomizer where a preloaded wick draws all the steam through the coil. Once the wick is completely burned out the unit will shut off and the AEG will be refilled with new juice. The AEGis is very easy to operate and the vaporizer produces a smooth, constant stream of vapor which is safer than a typical e Cigarette. If a user wishes to use their AEGIS without a pod, they can do so by simply changing the voltage setting and turning the device on.

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