Tubo Evic Review

Oct - 21
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Tubo Evic Review

The real name of this vaporizer is a Tubo Evic but I call it the tube for short. it is made by funky junky and you could get yours from their website.

Tubo Evic looks like an ancient space relic. The wood panels cover it like puzzle pieces, and the ability to customize the way you hit it our next level because it is the first vaporizer that I’ve used that allows you to switch between on-demand and in session mode.

The tubo comes in a plain box devoid of labels in height and it’s all good. the magic is what’s inside you get the Tubo Evic which is slightly large, bin stem, short stem, an 18 to 14-millimeter water pipe adapter, USB adapter, you also get a couple of replacement screens, a needle tip with a wood handle and a manual.

The Tubo is fully customizable: you can increase or decrease the heat of your coil, depending on how you want it to perform in addition to getting temp adjustments in 5 to 10-degree increments.

Combustion should start to occur around four hundred and sixty-five degrees Fahrenheit or two hundred and forty degrees Celsius. The tubo can go well above those temps. the area where the tubo shines is having three modes: on-demand, cruise mode, and warm-up mode. On-demand gives it to you when you want it, Cruise keeps the heater active and warms up gets it hot and ready for inhaling.

The problem area of the tubo is the screening, you should clean it after each use.

The tubo is a fun vaporizer, you should enjoy it if you’re a fan of on-demand or session vaporizers. The flexibility of use takes the learning curve out when you need it. it also has the ability to microdose our supply group sessions.

Tubo Evic Price

The Tubo Evic price seems very low for the amount of power that you get with it. In other vaporizers, you would pay almost twice. it also comes with a variety of stems that give you different experiences.

the tubo is good for me but you might not feel the same way if you’re huge on warranties, the tubo doesn’t have one. But you’re covered from out the box defects and the price more than compensates the Tubo Evic is kind of awkwardly shaped and holding onto it is odd sometimes. but the shape also makes you hold on to it tighter, limiting drops. there are also a bunch of customizable settings for the tubo. I’m positive you will see more of the this in the near future.


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