Ooze Duplex: Our Review

Nov - 10
ooze duplex

Ooze Duplex: Our Review

So far, I’m stoked to see what the duplex has to offer for well under a hundred bucks. Let’s dive right, I am floored by the apparent quality in the built of the ooze duplex. Let us review the ooze duplex on this article.

What makes the Ooze Duplex Unique?  

One thing that struck me right off the bat was how well-performing the magnetic connections throughout the unit are. The magnetic oil tank or magnetic wax tank after you’ve loaded it will just drop right into the body of the unit and connects into the socket at the bottom magnetically.

There’s even this metal side plate cover panel magnetically covering the indicator lights easily so you can hold down the power button through the cover. So when you’re on the go it’s super easy to operate. While keeping things discreet and convenient, I found that the wax tank does rattle a bit when it’s in the base, but for some reason, the oil tank doesn’t and this doesn’t really affect the performance of the wax tank nor is it a deal-breaker for me.

I just thought it was worth pointing out I’m really enjoying the vapor quality from the duplex for waxes and oils. I even tried it with e-juice and super satisfied the cloud production is fantastic at higher voltages and the lower voltages will get you some decent flavor if that’s what you’re after either way the vapors smooth and to me, it feels like vapor from a much more expensive unit.

ooze duplex

Looking at the vapor quality one really notable thing here is that you have four preset voltages to work with which is something you don’t see in this price range. Okay, I got to show some love for this design while in use the magnetic side plate keeps things functional while making the unit look modern and appealing.

Each voltage setting indicator light has its own color assigned to it so when you turn the unit on or off all four colors turn on and it really gives you that rainbow feel. As mentioned earlier, the duplex has just enough weight to it. Making it feel sturdy, durable and honestly worth my time.

ooze duplex

A+ for discreteness it easily fits in your palm the magnetic side plate allows you to heat up your tank and take hits without even having to take the unit out of your tight concealing grip and it conceals the indicator lights for when you’d rather not be showing the duplex off. I just want to point out as well that with the voltage flexibility you’re able to drop down to as low as 3.4 volts which should give you some fairly discreet vapor.

It’s not perfect but at least you can rip thick, stanky clouds when you want but always have the option to keep things fewer odors when needed. Also extra points for the ability to quickly cover up the odor from your wax session by slipping in the oil tank after with some juice in it and a few minutes the room suddenly smells like chocolate donuts.

The ooze duplex is fairly easy to use I like in the wax tank has separate compartments which screw on and off which make for very easy cleaning or replacement asks for functionality 5.

The two quick clicks will activate the 15 seconds preheat feature which heats up the tank of your choice for 15 seconds without you having to hold down the button. This worked out really well for me.

Besides that you just load up your tank, drop it right into the socket and you are rolling a plus for portability the duplex will be much less of a burden to your front pocket than even the smallest of cell phones of today and the magnetic tanks allow for easy removal and reloading but will stay secure in the unit if the unit is knocked over or held upside.

The 1,000 milliamps per hour battery is pretty unpredictable and hard to gauge with on-demand heating units because our mileage may vary based on your usage or voltage preferences. In my case, I can easily get about five or six sessions on the second or third voltage setting there are much stronger batteries out there on the market but the ooze duplex holds up for long enough that I highly doubt you’d ever get caught without a charge went out.

Let’s weigh the pros and cons of the duplex pros include its portable and discreet size for voltage settings the ability to vaporize waxes oils or e-juice and the outstanding vapor quality considering the price.

The main con is that you are limited to only a dual quartz coil for waxes so if you already know this isn’t your preference look elsewhere as this is all that’s offered in terms of replacement coils for the duplex at this time overall for the price you’re getting quality and functionality in a tiny package besides the mediocre battery in the coil limitation.

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