Ooze Comet E-Nail Review

Oct - 10
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Ooze Comet E-Nail Review

This review covers everything you need to know about the Ooze Comet probably the smallest E-Nail I’ve seen before.

What is this Ooze Comet?

Can this E-Nails be convenient and portable while still offering water filtration and a dab experience that will simply melt your face off?

Well, the Ooze Comet seems to be the first to try to answer this one, at least optimistically.

So far so good. With the build of the Ooze Comet, it hasn’t even been out for a month yet at the time of posting this review so we’ll have to see how it holds up over time.

The glass feels thick and durable and the nails that come with the kit are almost identical

To what you’d find in the dr. dabber or the Dabado Bolt Pro 2 which is to say they are of standard quality.

It comes with a traditional dab tool and a ceramic one as well which is really different but we broke that one real quick.

The built-in silicone container really comes in handy and I thought it was a nice touch. this is where you store some wax for quick access.

For such a small guy with unregulated temperature, the vapor quality proved to be pretty good. Its size and shortened vapor pathway do take away from the smoothness slightly, but the water filtration really saves the day here.

It’s not going to be quite as smooth as a full-sized E-Nail, especially one where you can keep the temperature low, but for what it is I’m impressed.

Back-to-back sessions with this will ramp up the temperature of the nail, so the bigger hits are going to come when you heat the nail up a few times in a row, before loading in your concentrate.

Your choice of ceramic quartz or titanium E-nail will really define the character of your vapor due to the varying heat retention properties of each material. In comparison to other e-Nails, This is one of the coolest in my opinion. it’s smaller, a lot easier to handle, very simplistic and just downright cute. The little splash logo on the glass bubbler part looks pretty juvenile so if you’re concerned about looking mature or cool while you’re dabbing, well honestly I don’t know what to tell you, but personally, I dig this.

While this is much smaller than any other E-Nail I’ve seen before, it’s only going to be marginally more discreet. The glass really gives it away and the lack of any sort of temperature control means that the nail is only going to get hotter as your session goes on. Creating more odor than you would probably want when you need to be discreet.

This is relatively easy to use: you only have the one button to get things going, the water filter to fill up, and beyond that, there’s really not too much to worry about. When cleaning out the nails with an isopropyl soaked cotton swab is no trouble at all

Overall it’s the glass water filter that’s really going to hinder your ability to throw this one loose in a pocket or bag to take around with you.

In comparison to other E-Nails this is going to be one of the more portable options just because of its smaller size.

The 1,200 milliamps per hour ooze battery are probably going to get you through around 20 to 30 dabs before you’ll need to recharge which is pretty awesome.

Pros and cons

Let’s weigh the pros and cons of the Ooze Comet.

Pros include its small size, The incredibly strong Ooze battery, choice of three nails and the built-in silicone wax container.

The Cons are that it’s not very discreet or portable as most E-Nails aren’t and the lack of temperature control.


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