JR Cigars: Why You Need to Try Them

Aug - 07

JR Cigars: Why You Need to Try Them

 JR Cigars are not only an ooze of class and sophistication but are also a sure way to unwind a stressful day! They are made from handpicked all-natural tobacco leaves. They are expertly rolled and blended cigars to deliver unique tastes to users! JR cigars is a one-stop-shop for all your cigar preferences be it machine-made cigar, handmade cigars or filtered cigars.

Why Shop at JR Cigars

  • Authentic cigars – JR cigars only stocks quality cigars from world-class manufacturers such as La Gloria Cubana, Don Pepin, and Swisher Sweets.
  • Large inventory- You will be spoilt for choice at JR cigars for they have cigars of all sizes, shapes, and flavors.
  • Same-day shipping- Running low on stock of your favorite cigar? Worry not! If you place your order before 3 pm, your supply of the premium cigars will be delivered to your doorstep the same day!
  • Low shipping rates- JR cigars have arguably the most economical shipping rates in the market.
  • User-friendly website – JR cigars website employs a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate whether you are a cigar aficionado or just a beginner.
  • Experienced and dedicated experts- Do you have any queries about your favorite cigars? JR cigars dedicated customer service team is ready to offer you expert advice round the clock.
  • Guaranteed freshness- JR cigars ensure that they handle their cigars with care so that they can reach you at the best quality possible for the ultimate experience.
  • Unbelievably fair prices- They charge relatively lower prices compared to their competitors in the market.

How to Get JR Cigar Products

You can quickly get your preferred cigar brand by logging into the easy-to-navigate JR cigars website and place your order and enjoy the same-day delivery feature!

Top 5 Picks at JR Cigars

According to user-based reviews here are the top 5 cigars you should consider puffing!

  • H. Upmann Anejados Cigars

This must-try premium Cuban cigars are comprised of Honduran and Nicaraguan fillers covered in vintage Corojo 99 binder and Havana 2000 wrappers and come in notes of pepper, salted, cashews, wood, and sweet cream.

  • Trinidad Espiritu

These sweet-smelling Nicaraguan finely blended tobacco cigars will provide any aficionado with pepper, wood, vanilla, toast, and citrus flavor, leaving them yearning for more.

  • Punch Heritage Reserve

These alluringly deep brown cigars are exclusive to JR cigars and come in distinctively sweet and zesty aromas.

  • Padilla Doctrine

These pocket-friendly slow burn Nicaraguan handcrafted cigars will leave your palates yearning for more due to their rich chocolate, caramel, earth, and fruit flavours

  • Monte Cristo Espada Escuro

These strikingly dark and delicious cigars are finely blended from Nicaraguan tobacco and come in nuances of chocolate, earth, white pepper, cocoa, and hints of fruit.

Whether you are an aficionado or a beginner, it’s about time you logged into the JR cigars website for those world-class cigars. Share the priceless moments with family and friends while puffing your favorite cigar flavor! Order your choice of cigars now and get it today!

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