How to Hide Weed Smell?

Nov - 29
hide weed smell

How to Hide Weed Smell?

How to Hide Weed Smell?

The best advice is to not vape dry herbs and use oils, concentrates or weed vape juice as much as possible but not everyone’s like that. People also want to have the freedom to choose whatever they want to use at the moment which is fine. We detailed here how to hide weed smell when using vape:

  • Use a Convection Vape: Don’t cheap out and go with a cheap vape pen if you really want to make sure you get away with being discreet. Vape pens are generally conduction heating which means you will burn your herbs and make it smell a lot. Going the convection route, you will thank yourself, even if you have to pay a bit more upfront.

conduction vs convection vape

  • Keep the Temperature Setting Low: When you have a high heat setting, your material will hit the combustion point which it burns rather than just heats up. This not only kills more of the active ingredients but it burns your material.


  • Use a Window: Vaping next to a window or an open vent with air flowing in and out is very ideal. Keeping the place ventilated while making sure all the vapor goes outside will be a huge help.

  • Hold the Vapor in: This one is not recommended much if you were smoking but vaping is a bit better. Holding your vapor in as much as possible will result in less vapor being blown out.


  • Take Small Hits: Taking small hits from your unit makes sure you don’t have too much vapor to play with.


  • Empty out Your Bowl: The quicker you can empty out your chamber will help you because the chamber starts filling up with residue, which sometimes can smell more than the unvaped bud.

  • Take Longer Between Hits: By waiting longer and letting your environment clean out will help you. Take one hit then come back 10 minutes later and do another one.


  • Vape in a Cooler Place: Summer can be a kill for this but being in a cool room can help dissipate the vapor faster.

  • Cool Down the Vaporizer: When your chamber is warm it will continue to produce a thicker, more pungent smell. Let the chamber cool down before you use it again.


  • Clean your Chamber: Some people call it a dry herb chamber and others call it a bowl but regardless of what you call it, you want to make sure you clean it. Most units come with a cleaning brush to be able to brush the sides of the chamber to make sure there is no residue.

How to hide weed smell when using vape:

Since vapes are not supposed to burn your material, you’re not getting smoke out. Vapor is very thin and dissipates quickly. This results in the vapor not sticking to clothes and walls, unlike smoke. Getting rid of the smell is fairly easy. Using a fan to air out the room you’ve vaped in will help. Open a window and let it do its thing. Only time can help at this point but it won’t take long. To speed up the process, turn on the fan and point it towards your window while trying to blow the vapor outside.

Vaporizers that Don’t Smell as Much:

If your main goal is to decrease the smell of your herbs, you’ll want a convection dry herb vaporizer. Vapor usually consists of minimal to no smell whereas smoke is what you want to avoid. Smoke is the thick texture that sticks to clothes and stains walls.

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