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Unique Features of the AEGIS Boost

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The Vandy Vaporizer and aegis boost are new vaporizers from Vandy Vape that are extremely well made and have a lot of features. Both of these vaporizers are top of the line and I am going to explain a little more about them so you can decide if they are worth the price. When you shop for a vaporizer, you want to make sure that it has everything you need and this is one of the best vaporizers out there.

The GeekVape AEGIS Boost, or AEGIS Boost Pro, is a really nice vaporizer. This USB-C vaporizer is a mid-sized, full sized, and heavy duty digital electronic vaporizer that have two different kits. The first kit, the AEGIS Boost Kit, has a built in rechargeable NiMh battery and charger. With the AEGIS Boost Pro, you get a built in charging station, a triple A battery, and a microprocessor that will control your puff count, temperature, and even the duration of your vaporware experience. You can use the included charger to power the unit completely or just charge the battery.

The second kit, the Vandy Vaporizer and AEGIS Boost Kit, also has a built in charging station and a triple A battery. The AEGIS Boost only has one actual mod; however it has two modes – the jackaroo mode which does the job what you would expect from a mod and a sport mode which gives you more advanced features and a lot of power. This unit also has a very nice electronic digital screen that will tell you how much vapor you have made and how long your vaporware is going to last. It is a great unit for intermediate users and even for advanced users. The only thing I would like to note is that this unit is not shock resistant, but the quality of the kit is good enough to make up for this. If you want a good solid vaporizer that you can rely on, the jackaroo mod is a good choice.

The most popular models are the Vandy Vaporizer and the AEGIS Boost. Both of these units come with their own vaporizers, and both of them have their own price ranges. Most people will go with the boost because it is so popular and also because it looks neat and pretty. However, if you are looking for a smaller unit that you can travel with and enjoy, then the jackaroo would be a better choice. They are both very reasonably priced.

Both of these units have their own unique features, but the real draw to the AEGIS Boost and the jackaroo kit are the two separate receivers. The aegis receiver is fully mechanical, and it is powered by a rechargeable battery. The jackaroo kit is powered by a battery, but it has a remote control that you can use to change the settings of the unit. Some aegis models do not have a remote, which means they are a bit smaller than the jackaroo kit, and are great for beginners or small vapers.

Both of these units use a patented technology called the pod system. This technology allows a smaller electronics box to handle the heating elements of the AEGis Boost while still allowing the coils to be covered and heated. The pod system is what allows the coils to stay hot for longer periods of time, so you get more of your inhaled nicotine at maximum efficiency. This pod system also helps to keep the battery life of the AEGis Boost high. While it does use a little more power, the battery life is still very good.

The design of the AEGIS Boost includes a dual box mod which looks similar to the vandy kit but offers a couple of different options. The first option available for the Boost is the “box mod” style, which looks a lot like a standard RDA. The second option is the dual battery mod, which has a micro usb charging port on the bottom. The battery allows the user to charge the AEGis Boost while they are changing the flavor of their liquid. This makes the AEGIS Boost perfect for someone who wants to have full power while they are changing their liquid.

The AEGIS Boost makes a very strong case for itself, especially considering it’s unique feature set. The Jackaroo mod offers a lot of the same benefits as the vandy mod but includes a unique feature that sets it apart. The AEGis Boost offers higher wattage than the vandy and a superior quality of flavor than the jackaroo mod.

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