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Top 3 Elements of Thunderheaded Creations Postless Deck Atomizers

Thunderheads Vaporizers are a new favorite among the world’s top vaporizers. Many people have been expressing their opinions about them over the internet, and there seems to be no end in sight. This may be due to the fact that vaporizers from Thunderhead are a new product on the market and people want to buy them as soon as possible. It could also just be people looking for the highest quality vaporizer they can get their hands on. Either way, it seems that many vaporizers on the market have left fans disappointed and/or disenchanted, but not to Thunderheads Vaporizers.

ThunderHead Creations


The new vaporizer line from thunderhead creations, THC Acid infused RDA is the current top coiled vaporizer from thunderhead creations, which was designed in collaboration with youtuber sonicator. The joint effort between these two top vaporizers really pays off with this product. The result of the collaboration is a solid high quality vaporizer which is able to be utilized both as a top fill vaporizer and also a bottom fill vaporizer. This makes it very convenient for vapers who like to use their vaporizers on the go. It has an incredibly compact body which allows for easy storage and travel.


The thunderhead creations Silhouette 2.5ml is the second highest priced vaporizer on the market currently. It is also their highest rated vaporizer to date, so it would be safe to say that this model is very popular amongst many vapers. The silhouette is able to produce an incredibly dense vapor, which some refer to as “PABAsticky”. It has a super tight draw to ensure that you get the most out of your e-liquid. You will also notice that this product has a super long shelf life due to its super strong airflow. The deck of this vaporizer is also extremely small, allowing for easy cleaning.


The thunderhead creations max inhaler is probably one of the best selling products in their range currently. This is primarily due to the fact that the inhaler is extremely effective at providing a highly potent and efficient warm mist experience. With the cold glass jar, this is able to house the atomiser very snugly, so the results are incredibly well controlled. The two chambers of the inhaler provide a very effective level of air flow control, ensuring that your experience is completely atomised. The honeycomb shaped front opening is an ideal way to maximise this functionality of the inhaler.


The base doubling onto the front of the atomiser stand, which has two screws included, provides for easy access and replacement of damaged parts. Although the base is robust and durable, it is not as strong as the other components. The overall strength of the atomiser stand alone is limited, though it is still considered to be one of the strongest in the market place.


The thunderhead creations super fast warm water delivery system is probably one of the best on the market. The delivery system is designed to give you almost instant hits, as the bf atomizer is designed to release a hit in around two seconds. The bf atomizer is not only capable of hitting hard but is also capable of delivering a super strong stream of spray in a very quick time. The two minute warm up allows you ample time to prepare the inhale, and the added 2ml bottle means that you are not limited to just one type of liquid when using the atomizer.


The thunderhead creations super fast dripping atomiser also comes with a sturdy bb pin. The bb pin is designed to be inserted into the side of the atomiser stand with ease. The design of the bb pin means that it can be inserted and removed without damaging the base unit. This feature is one that many users appreciate as it means that there is no need to worry about damaging the base unit when changing liquids or adding extra lubricants to the spout.


The drip tray is well designed with a smooth post and large dish which has a clear area for feeding the spare coil. The drip tray can be easily removed so that it can be cleaned. All the aspects listed so far are examples of what is on offer from thunderhead creations. The max & drip trays, the super fast warm up, the strong base and dual coil maximisers all contribute towards the product’s general build quality and performance.

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