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The Scoop on the Dead Rabbit V2 Juice Maker

dead rabbit v2

dead rabbit v2┬áRTA is an upgrade of the first Dead Rabbit RTA, the improved version of its predecessors. It’s a 25 mm diameter, stainless steel bottom line, made with precision machined knurling and top-fill technique to make an efficient push/pull style bottom-filling unit for the ever-popular 5 gallon maximum Juice capacity. This Juice extractor from the new series features a dual-action bottom-filling system, with two rows of spirally grooved polycarbonate layers that stack on top of one another.


The reason why we highly recommend it to anyone considering buying this product is its unique two-airflow design. With two powerful and equally matched airflows each having its own purpose, allowing you to maximize the efficiency of your machine by reducing wastes and maximizing airflow. You can use it in any configuration, whether you are using it as a single draw, double, or even a triple Blended.


So, what exactly is it? It’s basically a stripped down version of the original version, but with some improvements. One of the most noticeable changes is its narrower width. It’s also a lot lighter than the original dead rabbit v2. Its user manual does not mention the upgrade to the actual dimensions of the unit, so I was not able to find it.


The new version has also been equipped with two high-performance silicone gaskets as opposed to just one, making it a stronger unit and more reliable overall. Another nice change is that there are now two wide airflow options. The first one offers a full range of operation including Reverse Corso and Full Feed. The second option, called the extended model, allows you to control airflow in more specific areas of the machine, such as the side panel and bottom tray.


One feature that may confuse some owners is the inclusion of a barrel lock on the side of the machine. The real reason for this move is that a larger amount of air pressure would be necessary to get the same amount of airflow. With the barrel lock in place, you can increase the air pressure without increasing airflow which results in a sturdier machine that may not be as enjoyable to use.


Also included is a new, improved adjustable side-box which allows you to adjust airflow levels and remove the need to fully open the side of the machine. This allows you to get more out of your Dead Rabbits without spending extra time in the bathroom. On the back of the barrel sits an adjustable airflow control setting which allows you to adjust the air flow as needed. This is great for those who have consistent problems with airflow and will benefit the most from the increased airflow.


As with many of the newer v2 designs, the original dead rabbit v2 also comes with an Allen wrench that allows you to tighten or loosen the airflow inlets on the side of the machine. These Allen wrench attachments are included in almost all of the v2 designs and can make a world of difference when it comes to making your bongs. The increased ability to tighten or loosen the airflow inlets will give you more control when getting that perfect hit. It’s worth taking the time to focus on the airflow inlets on your original dead rabbit.


Finally, on the back of the v2 is an adjustable vane that can be adjusted in order to adjust air flow as needed. You may have a difficult time getting consistent juice if your airflow isn’t sufficient, but by adjusting the vane you can make the perfect bet every time. You may also want to consider using the deck adaptor to further increase your options when it comes to increasing the flow on your dead rabbit v2. With the deck adaptor attached, you can easily change the length of your airflow inlets and get the exact amounts of juice you need for each batch of brew.

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