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The Evolved Double Vapor Beast II Review

dead rabbit v2

The ever popular Dead Rabbit Vaporizer has continued to soar in popularity. People from all over the world love to smoke with this product. It’s been around for a while, but this new version just keeps it at the top. The new V2 model is more compact than the original, but doesn’t compromise on performance. Read on to find out how this vaporizer measures up.


Unlike its predecessor the original dead rabbit v2, the newer version has an updated design. Like the original version the new one features a front air chamber that is larger than its black counterpart. The increased size increases room temperature stability which allows the user to better utilize the side airflow the unit gives off. The bigger side air chamber also gives the user a better experience with its larger flavor producing capacity.


In addition to the larger side air chamber the new v2 also features a larger and easier to clean dual side battery door. The larger door makes it easier to clean out the back by removing the old and replacing with the new one. The double battery door design also makes it easier to regulate the amount of vapor and e juice produced. You can set the regulate clockwise and watch a continuous stream of the juice goes into the bowl as you take a relaxing hit. This is a very cool feature that I have not seen on any other vaporizer. The dual doors make the vaporization process quite simple and convenient.


While it has all of the same benefits as the original dead rabbit model the newest release features a single coil design. The single coil design means there is less room for bacteria to grow. The smaller coil allows for more efficient vapor production and combustion. There are even more benefits to the single coil design. It means the flavors are more consistent, the device burns longer and produces a higher quality of vapor.


The adjustable airflow on the V2 is also unique. If you feel like you are getting too much or too little airflow there are equalizers to adjust the airflow. You can get an increased or decreased airflow depending on how you would like your experience when vaporizing. The ability to change the airflow is a great feature to have in a vaporizer.


The original dead rabbit v2 also featured a honeycomb pattern, which helped with circulation and helped to cool the throat. With the adjustable airflow inlets on the v2 there is no problem with getting too much or too little air. The large honeycomb patterns help with circulation and are very comfortable. The large opening in the front and back of the unit makes it easy to breath and exhale at the same time.


The most noticeable difference between the original dead rabbit and the V2 is the placement of the heating chamber. The deck has been moved from the bottom to the side in this vaporizer. The improved heat transfer and circulation along the sides of the deck to make the overall experience of enjoying your fresh blended flavor that much better.


The build deck on the original dead rabbit v2 allows for easy access to the heater. It is also easier to replace the heating coil because of the easy to remove components. The new build deck makes the V2 extremely user friendly and convenient to use. The ability to replace the coils makes it possible to keep on top of your vapor production and ensures that you always have fresh tasty juice well when you need it.

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