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Rush Limbaugh Rips New York Times Over E-Cigarette Article

Surely by now everyone has had a chance to read the garbage that was posted in the New York Times earlier this week. Well, on March 27, 2014 Rush Limbaugh responded to the various e-cigarette articles that have been written recently in the New York Times saying that they are “Hell-bent on wiping them out.” Not only did Rush go after the New York Times, he also went after Democrats who are actively trying to destroy the electronic cigarette industry. At a period in time where the media is doing everything they can to reach the public with their blatant lies about e-cigarettes, it is about time someone with a huge following stepped up to defend our industry.

In the transcript of his show, Rush brings up some very valid points about cigarettes and our youth. He asks, “How many years have they been talking about cigarettes as killer and ruination for our children?” and goes on to say, “They never ban the product.  They still sell it.” He then talks about how sales tax from cigarettes go toward funding health insurance programs for children, so they can’t ban them. Rush Limbaugh sees just like the rest of America what the real problem is.

The tobacco industry is losing a lot of money because so many people have finally found a way to break free of the hold cigarettes had on them. That means the government is losing money because they are not getting as much tax revenue as they were from the sale of cigarettes. Since they haven’t found a way to tax electronic cigarettes they would rather just do away with them or at least spread a lot of lies to make those who are thinking about making the switch to e-cigarettes keep smoking because they are too afraid to switch. All they are doing is buying time.

Then, of course, there’s the other problem of Big Pharma who doesn’t want the competition of electronic cigarettes. They know that their Chantix, Nicorette, gum, patches, and everything else they have out there ain’t worth a crap and they know they missed the boat on electronic cigarettes. That means they are going to try everything they can (including paying off well known news sources to write bull crap stories) to destroy the e-cigarette industry.

Now, back to Rush. He quotes the part of the New York Times story written by Matt Richtel that talks about how dangerous “e-liquids” are if a person drinks them. Rush says, “There’s only one problem. There’s not one recorded instance of it, because people do not drink it!”

When’s the last time you were talking to one of your vaping buddies and you said, “Man, you just gotta take a swig of that beautiful e liquid from Medusa Juice! The taste is unforgettable!” NO! In fact, if you’ve ever had e juice come through the tip of a tank and get on your tongue you know first hand how bitter and bile the stuff tastes.

My favorite part of Rush’s rant is when he talks about how the Liberals don’t want people having any fun. He says, “They just don’t want to see you do it. It’s a bad image, it’s a bad example — and, of course, it looks cool.  That’s not good for our children.  Now, we can give ‘em condoms all day long and say, ‘Go at it!’ We can give ‘em condoms, we can send ‘em to Planned Parenthood, and that’s cool. But that e-cigarette? No way, Jose! We are gonna ram ‘em down everybody’s throat. We’re gonna cancel ‘em. We’re gonna ban ‘em. We’re gonna do whatever we can to get rid of them.”

Next, Rush talks about the one death that has been recorded from liquid nicotine and that comes from a guy who injected it to commit suicide. This point is one I made in an article I published on Examiner this week where I linked to the NPDS report from 2012 that has the record of the man who committed suicide by injecting liquid nicotine intravenously.

Rush says, “Well, wait a minute.  Injecting it is not drinking it for the cool flavor of it.  Injecting it?  That means you have to take the vial apart to get to the liquid and then you’d have to suck it up in the syringe and then inject it into you.”

He then talks about the point the New York Times makes about “e-liquid” poisoning people and refers back to the NPDS report  and talks about other household products that have a much higher risk of poisoning people than liquid nicotine.

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Rush ends his rant stating, “There is no crisis! There is just a bunch of biased nanny, namby-pamby liberals that do not want you to enjoy yourself and want to do anything they can to control you.” He admits, “I’m not defending e-cigarettes.  My point is if you want to do it, go ahead! Nobody drinks the stuff.  It would never occur to anybody to drink it.  Nobody has.  There has not even been an accidental instance of this, even among our children.”

You can read the entire transcript from the Rush Limbaugh Show here

What are your thoughts and opinions on Rush Limbaugh sticking it to the New York Times for the massive attack on the e-cigarette industry?

Even if you are not a Rush Limbaugh fan, are you happy that he took the time to call the New York Times out on their lies?

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