#IAMONE Movement

Sep - 18
#iamone by voice of vapers

#IAMONE Movement

Are you tired of seeing articles circulate around the web claiming that e-cigarettes don’t help people quit smoking? I know I sure am! Want to let your voice be heard? It’s time to stand up and let people know about the effectiveness of e-cigs to help quit smoking. Take part in the #IAMONE movement today!

Taking part in the movement is very simple: 

1) Head over to the I Am One Movement Facebook Page and click the Like button

2) In the comments section of the post tell your story: How long you smoked before switching to e-cigs, how long you’ve been using e-cigs, why did you want to make the switch, etc… Just tell your story in your own words giving as much information as you feel comfortable giving.

3) Share the page and post with others even if they don’t use e-cigs so they’ll be able to see all of the stories about how effective e-cigarettes really are.

Not a Facebook user?

Simply leave your story in the comments section of this post. We will publish the comments and your story here on our website. You can then share the page with everyone you know and encourage all other vapers you know to come over and take part in the movement.

Share this movement on every social network you are a part of. Use the hashtag #iamone when you post so that we can get the movement out there.

If we continue to sit by and let these reports fly around without taking action and letting our voices be heard, then people who are uninformed are going to believe them as being the truth. It is time for us to take a stand and let people know that e-cigs do work effectively to help people quit smoking and we are proof no matter what their “studies” say.

Our goal is to get 100,000 vapers involved in this movement because we feel the media will take notice of this large number and be forced to write a positive story about the vaping community for a change. Let’s make this thing as BIG as we can!


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