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Ijoy Vaporizers Review – Is The IJoy Vapemate The Best RTA Tank Available?

The IJoy Vaporizer compliments the newest member of the IJOY line, the ijoy Shogun. This vaporizer offers high quality and advanced technology in a sleek and attractive package. If you enjoy your favorite e liquids but would like to have better tasting ones, you will love this model from the company that has given us the wonderful Vapemate collection. With an increased amount of nicotine concentration and a variety of different kinds of flavors available, there are many reasons why the vaporizers from the IJoy are so popular. The following information will explore some of these reasons.

One of the major reasons the ijoy vaporizers are so popular is due to their ability to provide a consistent temperature range. When using your vaporizer, it is very important to keep it at the proper temperature range. If you change the temperature on your ijoy vaporizer, you may find that it makes things a little bit difficult. With the ijoy vape Pen, you can control the temperature and the speed of the heating elements. This means that you can use your vaporizer with greater ease.


In addition to offering a consistent temperature, the vapor production from this machine has been improved over the years. In addition to having a higher wattage than the previous models, the ijoy Vapemate line now offers a patented bottom fill system. This new filling system allows for a much more efficient and powerful vapor production rate.


The top fill system allows for greater efficiency, but also adds a very unique feature to the machine. The ability to adjust the resistance range when in certain modes means that a more experienced user can enjoy a higher wattage while still enjoying great flavor. There are three modes: Normal, Rich, and Turbo. Each of these mode sets the wattage output in accordance with the resistance level of the batteries.


One of the most important aspects of an e-juice machine is the vapor production, which ijoy takes to a whole other level. The ijoy Vapemate offers incredible vapor production. The powerful heat sink located on the bottom allows for easy and efficient ventilation. The large stainless steel airlock helps to evenly distribute heat throughout the heating bowl for superior vapor production and flavor enhancement.


The tank of the ijoy Vapemate line offers a unique twist on a common design. Unlike traditional tanks, there is no lip or edge to the tank. Instead, the entire tank is covered in colorful silicone material. This allows for easy juice transportation. The large airlock located on the bottom allows for a consistent flow of juice for thicker lips and larger tanks. The large chamber also helps to maximize the amount of juice that can be atomized without increasing the throat hit.


A single touch button on the tank lets you activate the power of the vaporizer. You can regulate the temperature of the vapor produced with the temperature control dial. The vapor production of the ijoy vape is incredible! The vapor tank features a patented top fill system. This allows for an incredible amount of flavor and aromatic richness in your finished product.


The ijoy Vapemate line even includes a powerful water pump! The built in water pump ensures that your juices are always powered with incredible juice pressure. With its high wattage tank, the ijoy Vapemate is able to maintain constant wattage while increasing the vapor production and producing thicker clouds. With all of these amazing features, it is easy to see why the ijoy Vapemate line is so popular!


Other features include an advanced thermometer control, which allows you to customize the temperature control of the vaporizer. There is an interchangeable head cover that allows you to conveniently change out the head or even change the tank style. All ijoy e-juices are guaranteed to produce large amounts of vapor with consistent temperatures.


The Vapemate also features a unique user mode. The user mode allows you to switch between three different modes. In the “user mode”, the user is able to experience the convenience of direct heat up. In this mode, the user is able to achieve a steady state of vaporization with the wattage of the coil. The heat up time can be adjusted to your preference with the addition of a thermal pad.


If you would like to experience a faster heat up time, then the ” trio mode ” might be for you. This mode allows you to adjust the intensity of the heat sensing from three levels. The ability to adjust the intensity in this mode offers a more comfortable experience if you do not want to get a very high or low of a heat output. Lastly, the tank is extremely durable and incredibly smooth. The tank is made of glass and the entire body is made of stainless steel.

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