Vaporizer: How it works?

Oct - 26
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Vaporizer: How it works?

Weed Vaporizer, What is it?

In recent years, it seems that the entire area of smoking is undergoing a fundamental change with the invention of electronic cigarettes and instruments for dry herb wax vaporizer. Weed Inhaler, a vaporizer, is a device that allows us to smoke in a healthier way. In fact, probably the healthiest way to smoke weed, although a person who uses weed humidor does not smoke at all, but inhales the steam. In terms of the effect of cannabis, burning them in the normal smoking process actually destroys much of the active substances. A person who uses a Weed humidor absorbs a larger amount of the active substances found in cannabis flowers. Read more about Weed Vaporizer in the next paragraphs.

In the market, there are various devices for evaporation of cannabis, such as Atmos’s Vaporod VGOD 5G or Vaporod VICOD 5G 2Gen, as well as ATMOS JUMP, but the more common the devices become, the more people ask us how it works. So here is a brief explanation of each vaporizer cannabis.

How does Vapor Cannabis Work?

The process of steaming cannabis allows us to breathe the active ingredients without smoking and without burning them, but by heating them to a high temperature. Cannabis heating is done using a small electric heating element inside the vaporizer.

Not every Weed Vaporizer works in the same evaporation method. There are two methods for evaporation of cannabis:

  1. Direct-contact heating – In the vaporizers used in this method, the cannabis material comes into direct contact with the heating element inside the device. These devices are considered inferior because they bring uneven heating of the material and do not allow to enjoy it optimally. But they also have advantages, they are smaller and even cheaper.
  2. Heating in air flow – In this kind of vaporizer cannabis does not come into direct contact with the heating element. The device warms the air and during inhalation, cannabis absorbs hot air that causes it to emit the active ingredients. The advantage of this type of vaporizer is a better extraction of the flowers and more effectively (the smoking substance does not continue to warm up between the aspirations as occurs in the first type mentioned, where the material remains in contact with the heating element that remains warm even after you stopped pressing the button. The taste is better, it should be noted that their evaporation time is longer.

For example, the Atmos 5G Vicod vaporizer in its first version is a direct-acting vaporizer. Vaporizer VICOD 5G 2Gen is a steaming cannabis device in hot air flow.

Both types of Atmos evaporators are recommended cannabis vapor, which has been heavily thought-out and designed. They provide good control over the evaporation temperature and provide a much better and healthier user experience than traditional smoking methods such as joints and bungles. Some experts have called it the “healthiest way to smoke weed”.

The way you operate your weed inhaler also allows you to enjoy a discreet, fast and convenient smoking experience. The weed inhaler produces the required heat using a built-in battery. These are portable devices that do not require an electrical connection but must be charged, which is done via a USB connection

The best way to smoke weed, and the healthiest way to smoke weed

Can evaporation of cannabis really reduce the ingestion of toxins that can harm our health?

Although there has not been much research on cannabis-specific evaporation, studies have shown that evaporation produces less carcinogenic compounds than smoking because it is heating the material without combustion. Although cannabis smoke is considered much less toxic than cigarette smoke, inhalation of all types of smoke is not recommended.

Ignition of cannabis results in the production of carcinogenic substances such as carcinogen, tar, or ammonia that may stimulate the lungs to develop diseases such as chronic bronchitis.

Vaporizers are primarily designed to overcome this problem. By heating the flower at a lower temperature, steam is created that can be inhaled and still contains all active medicinal substances (cannabinoids), but without harmful side effects.

Evaporation Cannabis should filter about 95% of the inhaled smoke, and evaporation has been suggested to increase the production of anti-inflammatory terpenes that protect the lungs from irritation. While the studies are still new in the subject, a weed vaporizer is probably the healthiest way to smoke weed right now, and since it saves upon other materials (like tobacco or rolling papers), for me it’s the best way to smoke weed.

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