Vape Battery Safety Tips

May - 01
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Vape Battery Safety Tips

A lot of e-cigarette vape battery and e-cigarette box mods have been exploding and there’s a reason for these kinds of things that are happening. Keep them nice and safe and comfy you want to make sure they’re comfy too so they perform but essentially this is meant to protect your vape batteries so nothing metal is going to either touch your negative or your positive side.

If you are planning on taking more batteries to let’s say you’re using a high wattage device and a high wattage tank and it’s only a dual 1862 1863 mod you might want to take two extra batteries with you so definitely get you to know a vape battery case like this or little rubber pieces.

You can put your 18 650s inside there these are designed to make sure that the positive pin and the negative pin do not make contact with anything metal, that can be coined in your bag, that can be keys that can be a zipper, that can be anything metal. Generally, you do not want to touch your batteries other than the only thing that should be going you know touching your batteries or the positive or negative pins in your E-cigarettes or a flashlight.

Just keep in mind if you ever have nasty batteries and you don’t know what to do with them we will take them. Always make sure your batteries are wrapped. Some shops will rewrap your batteries, you can order the wraps and they’re very cheap online. You can get a large amount of them and you can just simply take off your wraps and use like a heat gun or a hairdryer, things like that just to kind of melt like heat wrap it onto your actual batteries. They’re not very expensive to replace guys.

Personally, me, I like to replace my vape battery about every five to six months. That’s usually when the battery wraps start to come off sometimes depending on how you’re putting them in your mod. If you’re in a rush to get out the house you might just toss them in there real quick fast and you might mess up one of the wraps so just be careful when you’re doing that. Wraps are cheap and to replace the batteries that are around twelve thirteen dollars to replace the battery and you know it’s an inconvenience to replace them but Safety’s the number one thing here. I personally believe that it’s not too expensive to replace your batteries and it’s definitely at least something you generally do want to take into consideration.

Obviously, if you are carrying more than one battery with you please make sure you take your battery case and make sure your batteries are protected.



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