How to Vape Bigger O’s

Apr - 09

How to Vape Bigger O’s

Today we’ll learn how to make bigger O’s. The juice that I’ll be vaping on today is parfait by ghost. You may want to check out vape juices HERE) I got this last November and it is one of the cheapest high-quality juices. Before making bigger O’s there’s a couple of tricks you need to know:

You need to know how to make o’s and number two you need to know how to push o’s fairly well. So the first section the o’s, the key to making bigger o’s is speed and thickness. What I mean by speed is how quick the O travels through the air. You can tell it’s fast if it’s traveling in a straight line. Slower o tend to drop down, so usually with speed comes the thickness.

So here’s a couple of tips to improve your O’s, gradually increase the size of your face, with the increase in size you are going to have to call it harder and it’s all about finding your balance. Just remember if you can’t perform an O try and decrease the size of your Oh face and perfect it. From there before moving back up, remember, you want them fast straight and thick fast straight and thick.

So finally the technique as to how to expand your o’s, all in the push we’re not just talking about one hand we’re using both yes a double hand push. I prepare by putting my hands at the side of my face and then you’ll notice that I slowly start to move forward.  This is the really important note, the faster your oh is the more it will expand, however, the more it expands the less dense it’s going to appear. So as always let’s do a little bit of practice.

Type of Device to Produce the Biggest Vapor Clouds

While cartomizers and clearomizers are incredible for regular use, the best sort of tank to use for cloud generation is a sub-ohm atomizer. The lower the ohms the better. They will expand the flavor and the measure of the vapor cloud. Ensure that your battery is sufficiently incredible to deal with your sub-ohm tank for some all-encompassing use. Sub-ohm tanks are more costly than different kinds yet on the off chance that it is gigantic vapor mists you need there is no better decision. With respect to the gadget itself, a MOD would be the best choice. You may want to get the best MOD KITS HERE.

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