Quit Smoking and Start Vaping

Apr - 15
quit smoking

Quit Smoking and Start Vaping

I was a smoker for about 20 years and I loved smoking, I loved it so much, I loved the idea of it. I loved the idea of you getting to have my smoke. Getting that morning cigarette with a coffee was like my favorite thing. It was a rush for me, not just a nicotine rush but the habit rush as well.

Then I found out about vaping and a friend told me about it. It’s like you have to check it out so I went to the store and bought one of those tiny little cigarettes for like 10 bucks, tried it. It wasn’t really my thing. It was like you couldn’t get the right pull off a go. It just it didn’t work for me.

After a couple of weeks later, I’m like you know what, I need to try this again. I need to quit smoking even though I loved it so much. After work, I went home, stopped at one of the local vape shops went in there and I’m like: “guys, okay I’m a beginner. I’m new to this. Share your wisdom with me” and they did just it.

They told me about sub ohm tanks, they told me about RDAs and RTA’s and literally everything. I’m like where can I start? so they brought out this, taste and click and it has its very own voltage variable voltage from like 1 to 5 volts. I believe it came with a little plastic tank. It was really simple, very basic and it was only like $30 very cheap. So I bought that and then I bought some bait Bluffs palm berry e-juice.

Let me tell you this is like one of the best juices I’ve had and still buy.

So if you’re trying to check out what vaping is and you think it’s something for you, plus you know you’re at that point where you want to quit smoking. I suggest you go to a trusted vape store, go in there and tell them you’re a beginner and you’ve never done it before and you need their help. They will spend their time to teach you everything you need to know about vaping.

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