Basics on Mixing E-Juices

Apr - 17

Basics on Mixing E-Juices

This is a beginners guide if you want to start mixing your own liquid or have ever been curious about the process. This will cover everything you’ll need to know about making a liquid. Why DIY when you can already purchase premium e-liquid and don’t see any reason to make your own? But, there’s actually a lot of reasons to start making your own e-liquid cost is a big factor for a lot of people.

The premium e-liquid is expensive and with all of the sub ohm devices on the market that burned through liquid quickly, the cost of buying liquid adds up. On average you are paying one dollar for each milliliter of premium liquid when you can pay anywhere from one to three dollars for each 30-milliliter bottle that you mix over time. You’re looking to save a lot more money when you mix your own liquid. The ability to control your liquid can be appealing to a lot of people.

With DIY you have complete control over what flavorings you use as well as the amount of propylene, glycol, vegetable glycerin and nicotine that’s used. You can customize your e-liquid to any preference you may have. If you enjoy vaping as a hobby then you’re already used to building your own coils and maybe even building your own mods and devices. Now you have the ability to take it one step further and make your own e-liquid. The upcoming FDA regulations are a big factor for a lot of people to move into DIY depending on how things go down. Your atomizers, batteries, devices and premium liquid will all be subject to harsh regulations and may even be banned altogether. This will leave vapors stuck with very few, appealing legal options like cig-alike.

Luckily, all of the ingredients used to make your own e-liquid will still be obtainable so you can keep creating your own liquid and keep vaping. There are many ingredients necessary to start mixing liquid vegetable glycerin also known as VG. It is a thick liquid that’s the vapor base for. A liquid VG is naturally sweet and it can be baked on its own without any flavors or nicotine. The Propylene Glycol also is known as PG is a thin liquid that binds to the flavors as a flavor carrier, this provides the throat hit quality to a liquid but it produces very little vapor on its own. Nicotine is available in a PG or VG base and it comes in a variety of strengths.

You do not need nicotine to make a liquid. Nicotine adds an extra throat hit quality to the e-liquid. You need to keep nicotine in a dark and cool environment and it can be kept in a fridge or freezer. E-liquid x’ that contain nicotine also need to be kept in a dark and cool environment. There are many flavor manufacturers out there and the flavors you use depend on your preference and the recipe that you’re using. Most flavorings RPG based a scale is necessary for mixing by weight which is a very easy method for mixing the scale you use.

The best way to learn about mixing e-juice is to go to trusted websites such as

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