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Dead Rabbit Vaporizer – V2 Review

The new Hellvape Dead Rabbit V2 RDA is the superior model of the original and many think it is the best. For starters it has a better design than the original, with the improved shape and contours. It is also equipped with a larger number of wattage, which is increased by about fifty percent over the original. You can get almost three thousand mw of watt capacity if you use it in your juice and that is just under four hundred dollars now.

dead rabbit v2

The main difference between the original dead rabbit v2 and the new is that there is added air flow control which allows the user to adjust the amount of vapor it produces and ultimately the taste. There is an improved side ventilation port which allows easy control over the airflow of the liquid in your tank. In short you can adjust the vapor production according to your preferences now, instead of depending on the airflow. There is also a larger side panel for more vapor production, the side is split into two sections to allow for even greater vapor production, allowing you to have three times the vapor output of the original dead rabbit v2.

The air flow control is extremely effective and allows the user to adjust it according to the level of vaporization they desire. The large dual airflow slates help to maximize vapor production and are slotted in between the side air vents. You will notice that the original dead rabbit v2 atomizer had large air gaps. This was to allow for proper atomization without any side or back airflow. The new dead rabbit v2 has these same air gaps along with a new locking vortex tube which completely seals the side air vents.

The new Hellvape dead rabbit v2 area is available in the original single coil configuration and the dual coil configuration. The original single coil configuration was found to be ineffective and too cheap to be worth the money. The two different configurations are the result of thorough research and testing process. In single coil builds the atomizer needs to draw air through a thin filter material to prevent any possible side or back flow problems. The Hellvape dual coil atomizer has been found to be highly efficient at achieving this.

The new Hellvape dead rabbit v2 rda adds the new improved dual outer walls that helps to keep the wick at the outermost edges of the deck. These new outer walls help to keep the wick clean and dry. Also the new outer veneers help to greatly improve the flow through the deck. There are three coats of extra coat of glue besides the standard three coats found on most single coil units. This is to help the deck last longer and prevent any rotting and warping from occurring.

One major improvement that the v2 model has over the original rabbit is the increased usable airflow inlets. Most people find that they cannot get as much air in their electronic devices as they would like. This is usually due to either the poor design of the electronic device itself or because the air intake is situated way up on the device itself. The increased airflow inlets on the Hellvape rda help to solve this problem. In a normal electronic device without an intake fan, you will have to basically remove the device itself to gain access to the airflow inlet. Not very convenient.

The Hellvape rabbit v2 has even more amazing new features that make this a very cool device to own. The built in voltage regulation allows you to adjust the wattage that you are getting at all times. I personally prefer the higher wattage but that is just a personal preference. The adjustable airflow options allow you to get more air into your system no matter what the temps are like when using your device.

The build deck on the dead rabbit v2 makes it very easy to build your own personal customized e-juice system. With the electronic airflow options and ability to preload your own flavors, the ability to mix and match different devices together is extremely flexible. When I want a blueberry juice, I only have to put in my favorite flavor of blueberry to get the juice with the extra sweet berries. I love the fact that there is not a lot of wasted juice when making your own juices.

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