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Dead Rabbit Vaporizer – A Review of the V2


The original version of the Dead Rabbit Vaporizer came out almost two years ago and since then it has continued to gain fans everywhere. There is a reason why this vaporizer has continued to rise in popularity. The unique two Column construction platform adds more depth to this e-smoking device and offers a wonderful atomization experience. The new V2 also includes an AG+ anti-bacterial filling, a sleek stainless steel back plate, and a standard-sized 10mm drip tip.


Like many other vaporizers that are available on the market today, the original version of the dead rabbit v2 has some flaws that could make it less enjoyable to smoke. For one, the build quality felt a little flimsy compared to other devices. Although the build quality is not bad, it could be better suited for a stovetop unit rather than an e-stick. Also the screws used for attachment were poorly placed and resulted in too much bending in order to attach the heating element. Although the screws were well tightened, there was still enough wiggle room that a bit of air escapes and results in a burnt taste.


After fixing the issues cited above, I next inspected the overall performance of the dead rabbit v2. The vaporizer feels solid and sturdy, but overall it lacks some of the other higher-end units. Despite this, it does have a lot of great features. Most notably, the two inch LCD screen provides a great amount of information about your progress, including temperature and time.


One of the most unique features is the fact that the dead rabbit v2 uses two standard size silicone heaters instead of one larger one. This makes the device a lot more portable, and allows you to heat smaller rooms. The reason why these two heaters are different is because the original dead rabbit dripper only had one heater, which made the device a lot smaller and limited in its ability to reach large areas. Since the second version comes with two heater sets, the device is a lot more versatile when heating larger rooms.


One of the nicest features of the dead rabbit v2 is the accessory bag, which doubles as a cleaning tool. Rather than use the traditional silicone oil bottle, which can get overly messy, the accessory bag allows you to dip the included squonk pin into it and then wipe off the excess silicone oil. The accessory bag also works great for cleaning the unit itself. This is especially convenient if you forget to change out the heating element or the batteries, because the accessory bag can help you clean the entire product in one shot.


The vaporizer is one of the biggest draws of the dead rabbit v2, and it’s easy to see why. The vaporizer has a very realistic look and sound, and the temperature control is spot on for everyone. Even someone with little experience with vaporizers can get this thing perfect, as the temperature does not go too hot or too cold, and it even has an alarm that sounds if the unit is overfilled or underfilled. The anti-bacterial drip tip helps to prevent bacteria from forming, and the unit is built to last. This vaporizer is recommended for anyone who wants a quality electronic device that has a lot of advanced features.


The box this unit comes in is attractive as well. It has a clear plastic exterior that is decorated with cute rabbit and dead rabbit images. Inside the box is a nice, long, non-sticky cotton cloth, which is used to clean the electronic gadget. It also has a protective lid that locks in the liquid level, the battery, the drip tip, and the wick. The RDA is very easy to use, even for someone who has little experience with eczema medications; the directions are clear and the temperature and speed controls are very precise.


If you are looking for a great vaporizer that has all of the above features and even easier to use than the RDA, the Dead Rabbit V2 is perfect for you. This electronic device is not only great at treating your eczema problems, but it is great for helping you find new herbal sensations, even when you are on a strict diet. The V2 comes in a number of different flavors, including strawberry and chocolate to help satisfy any sweet tooth. Best of all, the V2 comes with a five-year warranty, which makes it an even easier product to buy. For all of these reasons, the V2 is a perfect vaporizer for anyone looking to make finding new herbal sensations easier and staying on a diet easier.

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