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Dead Rabbit Vaporizer – V2 Review

The new Hellvape Dead Rabbit V2 RDA is the superior model of the original and many think it is the best. For starters it has a better design than the original, with the improved shape and contours. It is also equipped with a larger number of wattage, which is increased by about fifty percent over the original. You […]

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Difference Between the IJoy Vapors and the Mega Vaporizers

ijoy vaporizer are great new electronic cigarette alternatives that have really taken the technology contained in regular cigarettes and blown it up to a larger extent. It’s amazing what technology and innovation can do these days, even in the world of electronic cigarettes. I like to think that the ijoy Vaporizer is headed to become […]

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How To Use VOOPOO?

VOOPOO! the latest innovation in modern mobile technology. VOOPOO makes travelling fun and easy. VOOPOO is a new product manufactured by VOZO, a well known company based in Italy. The VOOPOO Company produces high quality mobile accessories, wireless phones, communication gadgets and other audio and data products. What’s included? One x VOOPOO Vinni Battery with […]

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All About The AEGIS Boost Modular Vaporizer

The AEGIS Boost is a portable electronic device from the company named Vandy Vapor. Like other vapor pen products, it promises to give your e juice a truly impressive vapor production. However, what you might not know is that this product also has a lot of handy features that can allow you to be more productive while […]

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AEGIS Boost Pod – Key Advantages and Functions

The new Vandy Vaportech AEGIS B Series Pod Mod is one of several new vaporizer products that have been developed by Vandy. The company is primarily known for their flavor-packed and award-winning gums. The Geekvape aegis boost is a little different than their previous pod-based product, the Flute. But sticking to the tried-and-true lines when it comes to […]

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What is an Airsoft AEGiS?

AEGIS Boost allows users to upgrade their devices to more powerful and efficient electronic devices with a multitude of new features and improved capabilities. It comes in a sleek design that makes it easy to use and provides users with high quality sound production. It is extremely compact and has a unique look. The user-friendly front […]

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Unique Features of the AEGIS Boost

The Vandy Vaporizer and aegis boost are new vaporizers from Vandy Vape that are extremely well made and have a lot of features. Both of these vaporizers are top of the line and I am going to explain a little more about them so you can decide if they are worth the price. When you shop for […]