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Nov - 10
ooze duplex

Ooze Duplex: Our Review

So far, I’m stoked to see what the duplex has to offer for well under a hundred bucks. Let’s dive right, I am floored by the apparent quality in the built of the ooze duplex. Let us review the ooze…

Oct - 26
Weed Vaporizer - voiceofvapers

Vaporizer: How it works?

Weed Vaporizer, What is it? In recent years, it seems that the entire area of smoking is undergoing a fundamental change with the invention of electronic cigarettes and instruments for dry herb wax vaporizer. Weed Inhaler, a vaporizer, is a…

Oct - 21
tubo evic -

Tubo Evic Review

The real name of this vaporizer is a Tubo Evic but I call it the tube for short. it is made by funky junky and you could get yours from their website. Tubo Evic looks like an ancient space relic.…

Oct - 10
ooze comet -

Ooze Comet E-Nail Review

This review covers everything you need to know about the Ooze Comet probably the smallest E-Nail I’ve seen before. What is this Ooze Comet? Can this E-Nails be convenient and portable while still offering water filtration and a dab experience…

Sep - 19
E-Liquid Poisoning - voice of vapers

E-Liquid Poisoning

Surely by now, everyone reading this has seen at least one report that mainstream media outlets have put out this week about e-liquid poisoning. Not only have they been attacking the e-cigarette industry through their online publications but they have…

Sep - 18
#iamone by voice of vapers

#IAMONE Movement

Are you tired of seeing articles circulate around the web claiming that e-cigarettes don’t help people quit smoking? I know I sure am! Want to let your voice be heard? It’s time to stand up and let people know about…

Sep - 18
electronic cigarette

Electronic Cigarette Myths

On March 28, 2014, NBC released a video featuring Dr. Nancy Snyderman which attempted to debunk e-cigarette myths. That’s right, another attempted attack has been made on the electronic cigarette industry, and just like all of the other attacks, this one fails on…

Sep - 18
E-Cigarette Articles by New York Times Ripped by Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh on E-Cigarette

Surely by now, everyone has had a chance to read the garbage that was posted in the New York Times earlier this week. Well, on March 27, 2014 Rush Limbaugh responded to the various e-cigarette articles that have been written recently in…

Sep - 18
FDA regulations

What FDA regulations mean?

Surely by now, everyone has had a chance to read the regulations proposed by the FDA on Thursday, April 24. The problem, however, is many people do not know what these FDA regulations mean. Sure, you might have read them…