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Voice of Vapers is your place to turn when you need to make the public aware of real issues that are going on in the vaping community. Whether you know it or not, there is a huge fight taking place right now in the electronic cigarette industry. We must contest with media agencies who are only out to report sensational stories that are not based on facts but instead are meant to deter people from switching from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes. We also must contend with the law makers who are out to create laws that are not based on research or actual findings.

There is a huge division in the vaping community and we hope to make this industry last long-term, then we must come together and fight as one.

Currently, there are only a small fraction of vendors showing up to public hearings to let their voices be heard, there are little to no vapers showing up, and lawmakers are getting closer and closer to passing laws that will drastically affect the vaping community as a whole.

We must let our voice be heard if we want to protect our right to vape. If we continue to sit around and watch things unfold, then it is only going to get worse for us.

There are issues happening that we should all be aware of, there are movements happening that we should all take part of, and there are people standing up for vapers that need us to stand behind them.

If you love vaping and it is important to you to be able to keep doing it anywhere you want with the same freedoms you are enjoying now, then let your voice be heard. Share the stories that you read on this website, take part in the movements that are happening across the country, stand up and SHOUT that you’re not going to take it!

Taking action can be as simple as sharing a news article you read, emailing a committee member that is voting on a bill, or something else that is not going to take much of your time and is easy to do. If every one of us adopts the attitude that we are going to become a part of the fight instead of sitting on the sidelines watching the fight take place, then lawmakers will be forced to hear our voices and make decisions accordingly.