Types of Dry Herb Vaporizers

dry herb vaporizer

Today I want to do something fun. I want to go over ten dry herb vaporizer.  It’s not gonna be a review on each vape per se. It’s just when I get this vaporizer in my hands what do I think, what thoughts come to my mind.

Different Dry Herb Vaporizer

Fury 2 by Healthy Rips

This is one of the best dry herb vaporizer. It’s really inexpensive. That’s one of its best assets but its other best asset I would say is as a microdose. I use this with the water pipe attachment and I just rip this through the water. It’s a really good vaporizer for somebody who likes to use it like that. I would recommend maybe upgrading from the plastic mouthpiece. I don’t love that thing but you know, it hits all boxes it has good battery life, single degree temperature adjustment and definitely one I would recommend.

DynaVap  (Omni Vap Titanium)

This is you know a bunker vaporizer. You can heat this up with pretty much absolutely anything. It hits all good categories, I mean it has good flavor, has good efficiency looks really cool a lot of variety as well. They have the ever-popular DynaVap M which is a really good vaporizer for someone who’s just getting into it but lots people end up upgrading to something like the titanium model. It’s the one I would go to but you know of course it’s the most expensive in the lineup.


I take this with me all the time when I’m looking for a travel vape. One thing that’s nice about it is that it does concentrate and dry herb. It’s not amazing for concentrate but I think it’s totally passable. You also get a full oven pack lid and then a half of impact lid. I keep this one in almost all the time but it’s really easy to take with you. It has good battery life and you can fit a good amount in the oven so it makes it a great bait to take with you when you’re on the go. One of the best choices for dry herb vaporizer.

Ghost M V1

This is a heavy hitter. This actually won my heavy hitter of the Year award last year and it has an absolutely amazing flavor. It’s full convection so you get that really strong effects, really strong flavor. I went over but you get pretty good efficiency. I find it requires stirring to get the best efficiency. I see this as a device that doesn’t really benefit from the app all that much but it is a vaporizer I go back to time and time again for the on-demand convection power.

Firefly 2

This is one I’ve kind of I want to say fell out of love with because it is one of the greatest dry herb vaporizer, has amazing materials. It’s really easy to clean. Easy to keep clean for concentrate. It does perform really well performs well. For dry herb as well. The only reason I can’t give it top marks is I find that it gets sticky faster than most vapes and you have to stir it to get the best efficiency and it just ends up being a little bit messy.  For true connoisseur flavor, this is good for dry herb or for concentrate.

Flowermate V5

This is a really good vaporizer. Another entry-level vape from flower mate has an internally stored glass mouthpiece, black ceramic oven, single degree temperature adjustment, and removable battery. It’s at a super affordable price. Flowermate has made some solid vapes but this actually looks nice and it has single degree temperature adjustment. It’s a really good choice for an entry-level vape.

Da Vinci IQ

This is another vaporizer I take with me all the time for travel. It’s a full conduction vaporizer. It has some innovative features though it has the pearl here this helps to give you a more even vaporization for your bowl and then up here you have the flavor chamber. You can fill that with herb. You can put a piece of herb in there and just run vapor through it. It’s gonna get a little bit stronger over time. It has an integrated stirring tool which is cool as well and you get two different mouthpieces. This one you can use with a 10-millimeter water piece and this one I keep on here most of the time.

Arizer (Argo)

This is like the solo like the air you get. A very similar experience but in something that’s infinitely smaller it has an internally stored glass mouthpiece so the little pop top just goes up and down to protect the glass mouthpiece. It has a full glass air path full glass stem you can fit quite a bit in here as well load that up just like that to protect it. This one goes in my pocket a lot because I love having the glass mouthpiece for something this size with this portability.

Sticky Brick Jr.

This is really a vape that got me into dry herb. In general, you heat this one differently than with a DynaVap. You inhaled the direct butane heat and so you get the throat feel that really tells you when to pull it back when to push it in a little bit more.

But this is one of the awesome dry herb vaporizer that gives you full convection heating amazing flavor and just absolutely unreal efficiency. The bowl just goes and it goes and it goes.  There’s also a water pipe adapter for this, so you can use it with your way to go. With those just massive hits, you can get from it.

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Best Vape Mods for less than $200

best vape mod

What is the best vape mods that you can consider affordable? we’re gonna primarily focus on devices that are considered as cheap vape mods. Now, these devices range anywhere from 30 up to 70 dollars and I tried to get the cheapest price as possible. I did search online, I just got some random websites in the description no affiliate links just random websites and once again I try to find the best price possible. But, if you guys like, you could do a search online and try to find an even better price for some of the best vape mods.

Best Vape Mods for Less?

These are devices that I use and I continue to use even after the review. With all these devices I have on my shelf, these are the devices that I find to be the cheap vape mods which are also reliable. For the most part, a lot of you will agree with me some may disagree, but for the most part, there are some pretty popular best vape mods and they’re the ones that I think are gonna be the best bang for your buck.

Minikin Boost

This goes for around 54 hours is kind of the same device which has a smaller screen. It has wattage adjustment buttons on the side, so if you’re not a fan of the touchscreen a boost is the option and it’s a little bit cheaper navigating the menu very simple.

I mainly use my devices in wattage mode 99% of the time and as I said it felt pretty accurate. It ramps up really quick and it just never gave me any issues. love the battery door on this style because even though we have Magnets, if I slide this off you’ll see that we have two large magnets on the back. What really holds the door on is this really heavy steel door like the friction. So if it ever got loose on you, all you need to do is just give it a squeeze, it would tighten the door back up and I’ve never once had to squeeze it to tighten it back, but this door for as long as I’ve been using it is still just as tight as day one.

There’s no rattle on here. The finish, I’m so surprised the finish actually still looks this good for as long as I used it and you could see that orange color. Another reason I really like this mod is that it comes in orange, but all around this is probably one of my best vape mods

VooPoo Drag

A lot of people have heard of this mod. It’s a very simple mod, kind of boring but it does exactly what it’s supposed to do and it it’s just so easy to operate. It’s built very well it’s solid it’s not the prettiest looking thing but for being only 46 dollars and doing 167 watts this thing just delivers you know it performs really well atomizers on the top.

it’s a screw down stainless steel 510 connection as you can see there and the screen on this one also very simple, nice and bright, easy to read. It kind of reminds me of the old school like screens like on the IPV and whatnot. Very simple to operate and this mod feels solid really heavy in the hands. You got your micro USB port, the battery door on here never gave me any issues. This can be bought on All Day Vapes 365 Shop.

Aspire Speeder

This is a dual 1862 hundred watt device that goes from around $49 and I really don’t use aspire products all that much. I don’t know just something about aspire products. Never really caught my attention but this speeder mod when I got it it’s just a really comfortable device and I just love the way it felt in the hands with the curvatures kind of rounded or oval. It has that auto-rotates screen which I always thought was kind of cool where you flip it around you can see the screen rotates. The screen once again nice and bright really easy to read in wattage mode. I never had any problems with it.

The firing switch on the side right here it’s got a nice tight kind of lever style, switch and dual 18650 battery door the batteries are nice and tight in here. Aspire products are available on All Day Vapes Shop.

Vape Ruger Mod

now, this is a 230 watt dual 1862 vice that goes for around 48 dollars and this one kind of came out of left field because looking at this mod it’s an ugly looking device. I do not like the way this thing looks. It’s hideous but this mod performed so damn well that I look past how bad it looked.

I continue to use it just because of how well it performs. The 25 millimeters once again sits beautifully on top there. The button very comfortable stainless steel button the screen it took a little getting used to that this little round cutout but after a while, you could kind of get used to it. We have an LED light that actually goes around the screen.

You could change the color of the LED light, you could turn it on turn it off and you got this little joystick down here so you can push up down left right or you could push down in the center and navigating it you know it took a little getting used to but I actually really like this little nipple. We got the micro USB port at the bottom as always. The battery door got a nice kind of leather feeling. Despite the look, I still add it to the list of my best vape mods.

Joyetech Espion

What this mod did was it kind of proved to people that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get a good looking device that has a really good looking screen. The screen on this Espion is beautiful. For being only $52 it’s a 200-watt device dual 18 650 and this device actually looks good.

The all-black version looks awesome and I love the way they have the stainless steel button that kind of sticks out from the color of the mod. I think on the black one it was an all-black device with a stainless steel button. Even though it’s made of zinc alloy it just felt really good in the hands. It felt like stainless steel and it kind of looked almost like stainless steel even the button right there. You can buy your Joyetech Products at All Day Vapes and CS Vape.

and this wraps up the list of the best vape mods there is.

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How to Use Dry Herb Vaporizers

dry herb vaporizers

Today, we’re going to learn how to properly use portable dry herb vaporizers. There are a few factors that you can consider to ensure that you’re using your vaporizer and your cannabis to get the best benefit for you.

There are a couple of main types and several configurations for portable dry herb vaporizers so choosing the right vaporizer for your needs can be one of the biggest factors.

Types of  Dry Herb Vaporizers

You want to consider the two main types of dry herb vaporizers are the convection or conduction.

The convection vaporizers such as the Firefly use air to push the heat through the cannabis without actually heating the material directly. The conduction vaporizer which is far more common heat the marijuana by wrapping it directly against the heated chamber.

Another consideration would be whether you prefer a top-loading or a bottom loading chamber on your vape. Such as the PAX 3 that load into the bottom can offer a cooler and smoother vapor as the long air path gives the vapor plenty of time to cool but for some vaporizers, the long air path can expose the vapor to unwanted flavors from the travel through the circuitry and plastic of the device.

Bottom loading vaporizers may also have a weaker more diffused exhaled vapor, vaporizers benefit from the purity of having a short isolated air path and they often provide much larger puffs which many people prefer. The drawback of a top-loading vaporizer is that the heat of the vapor can be intense and the mouthpiece itself is more likely to become uncomfortably warm as it’s much closer to the heating element itself.

Metal chambers such as the pax 3 or LV smoke beasts can offer great performance and heating times but many people prefer the purity of flavor of a ceramic chamber. Many quality devices also offer the choice of a usually plastic rubber of silicon standard or an optional glass tube mouthpiece.

This glass mouthpieces often provide a cleaner flavor without a real or perceived flavor of plastic or rubber that you may get from the standard mouthpieces. My personal favorite configuration is a top-loading conduction vaporizer with a ceramic chamber.

I like an isolated air path and like a glass mouthpiece that’s why I’m using the Eclipse vaporizer from NewYork vape shop because this is the type of 8 that I’ve come over the years to appreciate mostly because you get the big hits with the top-loading chamber and then you also get the pure taste from the ceramic chamber and also the glass mouthpiece.

Once you’ve chosen the correct dry herb vaporizers for your preference you’ll also have the choice of type of cannabis you prefer many people opt for an indica strain for its heavy relaxation and sedative effects so if you’re looking to chill on the couch or watch a movie you might want an end to come like a heavy og.

But, maybe you prefer more upbeat higher energy effects so you can stay focused and stay alert. In this case, you probably want to hop for a nice Sativa strains such as Jack Herer and of course you have hybrid strains and them can follow anywhere in between or even offer some of their own unique effects so you may find that Blue Dream or Girl Scout cookies appeal to you whether you’re using convection or conduction vaporizers or vaping a Sativa indica or hybrid.

It’s always very important when using a vaporizer evenly grind your cannabis this will make sure that airflow is ideal for convection vaporizers and also for conduction units and for conduction vapes it will help ensure that you heat the cannabis more evenly so you have less chance of the dreaded to tone or not vaporized cannabis also make sure you are vaporizing properly cured cannabis that’s not moldy or too wet to burn in a joint.

You don’t want to vape any cannabis that you would not be able to or wouldn’t want to smoke choosing the right temperature can also have a huge effect on your experience. With a vaporizer, not only can you change the flavor and temperature or smoothest of the vapor but you can also maximize the effects you receive by tailoring the temperature settings to your preference. Low temperatures ranging from 300 degrees to 325 degrees Fahrenheit are great for being able to stay focused and productive with subtly relaxing euphoric feelings and the medium temperature range of 325 to 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

You may find it perfect for a more elevated mood along with moderate euphoria and enhanced perception and at the higher temperature settings of 375 to 435 degrees Fahrenheit. You’ll find more relaxing high with intense euphoria and a sedative effect.

Not only does the temperature you choose have an effect on how it makes you feel but obviously on how it tastes and smells when vaporizing. You may notice more of the piney and citrus aromas at a lower temperature and a more accurate popcorn aroma and flavor profile on the higher end. One thing to remember when vaporizing is that you can always adjust accordingly to try various combinations to dial in the perfect process and temperature for your preferences.

For instance, you might decide to start low and vaporize on a lower setting and then go to the higher setting to vaporize again a lot of people try that method and like it another efficient process is to vaporize your cannabis at a low-temperature setting and then keep your ABV or already been vaped cannabis for future use in edibles or teachers.

However you end up vaporizing your marijuana, I think, you’ll agree that there are plenty of benefits to vaping over smoking and that not only does it less harmful to your lungs but you can also have more control on how the cannabis makes you feel and how it tastes.