Month: November 2018

Nov - 29
hide weed smell

How to Hide Weed Smell?

How to Hide Weed Smell? The best advice is to not vape dry herbs and use oils, concentrates or weed vape juice as much as possible but not everyone’s like that. People also want to have the freedom to choose…

Nov - 29
yocan evolve

Yocan Evolve Plus

The Yocan Evolve Plus is a unique vaporizer but now with a bigger chamber and battery. Still designed for portability that brings a small size device without leaving out an incredible experience. What is it that most users look for…

Nov - 26
healthy rips fury 2 -voiceofvapers

Healthy Rips Fury 2 Vaporizer

Healthy Rips Fury 2, What is it? Now, that’s a healthy rips and of course, it is because this is the healthy rips fury 2. This Fury 2 Vape is only three inches tall and weighs less than five ounces…

Nov - 10
ooze duplex

Ooze Duplex: Our Review

So far, I’m stoked to see what the duplex has to offer for well under a hundred bucks. Let’s dive right, I am floored by the apparent quality in the built of the ooze duplex. Let us review the ooze…